QDnsMailExchangeRecord Class

The QDnsMailExchangeRecord class stores information about a DNS MX record. More...

Header: #include <QDnsMailExchangeRecord>
qmake: QT += network

Public Functions

QDnsMailExchangeRecord(const QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)
QDnsMailExchangeRecord &operator=(const QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)
QString exchange() const
QString name() const
quint16 preference() const
void swap(QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)
quint32 timeToLive() const

Detailed Description

When performing a lookup on a service, zero or more records will be returned. Each record is represented by a QDnsMailExchangeRecord instance.

The meaning of the fields is defined in RFC 1035.

See also QDnsLookup.

Member Function Documentation

QDnsMailExchangeRecord::QDnsMailExchangeRecord(const QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)

Constructs a copy of other.


Constructs an empty mail exchange record object.

QDnsMailExchangeRecord &QDnsMailExchangeRecord::operator=(const QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)

Assigns the data of the other object to this record object, and returns a reference to it.


Destroys a mail exchange record.

QString QDnsMailExchangeRecord::exchange() const

Returns the domain name of the mail exchange for this record.

QString QDnsMailExchangeRecord::name() const

Returns the name for this record.

quint16 QDnsMailExchangeRecord::preference() const

Returns the preference for this record.

void QDnsMailExchangeRecord::swap(QDnsMailExchangeRecord &other)

Swaps this mail exchange record with other. This function is very fast and never fails.

quint32 QDnsMailExchangeRecord::timeToLive() const

Returns the duration in seconds for which this record is valid.