QInputAspect Class

class Qt3DInput::QInputAspect

Responsible for creating physical devices and handling associated jobs. More...

Header: #include <QInputAspect>
qmake: QT += 3dinput
Since: Qt 5.5
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QAbstractAspect

This class was introduced in Qt 5.5.

Public Functions

QInputAspect(QObject *parent = nullptr)
QStringList availablePhysicalDevices() const
Qt3DInput::QAbstractPhysicalDevice *createPhysicalDevice(const QString &name)

Detailed Description

QInputAspect is responsible for creating physical devices. It is also the object responsible establishing the jobs to run at a particular time from the current input setup.

Member Function Documentation

QInputAspect::QInputAspect(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a new QInputAspect with parent.

QStringList QInputAspect::availablePhysicalDevices() const

Returns a list of all available physical devices.

Qt3DInput::QAbstractPhysicalDevice *QInputAspect::createPhysicalDevice(const QString &name)

Create a physical device identified by name using the input device integrations present returns a nullptr if it is not found.

Note: Caller is responsible for ownership.