QComponentAddedChange Class

class Qt3DCore::QComponentAddedChange

The QComponentAddedChange class is used to notify when a component is added to an entity. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore/QComponentAddedChange>
qmake: QT += 3dcore
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QSceneChange

Public Functions

QComponentAddedChange(const Qt3DCore::QComponent *component, const Qt3DCore::QEntity *entity)
QComponentAddedChange(const Qt3DCore::QEntity *entity, const Qt3DCore::QComponent *component)
Qt3DCore::QNodeId componentId() const
const QMetaObject *componentMetaObject() const
Qt3DCore::QNodeId entityId() const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

QComponentAddedChange::QComponentAddedChange(const Qt3DCore::QComponent *component, const Qt3DCore::QEntity *entity)

Constructs a new QComponentAddedChange which will notify component that it was added to entity

QComponentAddedChange::QComponentAddedChange(const Qt3DCore::QEntity *entity, const Qt3DCore::QComponent *component)

Constructs a new QComponentAddedChange which will notify entity that component was added

Qt3DCore::QNodeId QComponentAddedChange::componentId() const

Returns the id of the component added.

const QMetaObject *QComponentAddedChange::componentMetaObject() const

Returns the metaobject.

Qt3DCore::QNodeId QComponentAddedChange::entityId() const

Returns the id of the entity the component was added to.

Related Non-Members

typedef QComponentAddedChangePtr

A shared pointer for QComponentAddedChange.