QAbstractAnimationClip Class

class Qt3DAnimation::QAbstractAnimationClip

QAbstractAnimationClip is the base class for types providing key frame animation data. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractAnimationClip>
qmake: QT += 3danimation
Since: Qt 5.9
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QNode
Inherited By:

Qt3DAnimation::QAnimationClip and Qt3DAnimation::QAnimationClipLoader

This class was introduced in Qt 5.9.


Public Functions

virtual ~QAbstractAnimationClip()
float duration() const


void durationChanged(float duration)

Detailed Description

To utilise the key frame animation framework in the Qt 3D Animation module the animator component in use needs to be provided with the key frame animation data. The animation data is provided by one of the concrete subclasses of QAbstractAnimationClip:

QAnimationClip should be used when you want to create the animation data programmatically within your application. The actual data is set with a QAnimationClipData value type.

If you are loading baked animation data from a file, e.g. as created by an artist, then use the QAnimationClipLoader class and set its source property.

Once the animation clip has been populated with data using the above methods, the read-only duration property will be updated by the Qt 3D Animation backend.

The typical usage of animation clips is:

 auto animator = new QClipAnimator();
 auto clip = new QAnimationClipLoader();

Animation clips are also used as the leaf node values in animation blend trees:

 // Create leaf nodes of blend tree
 auto slideClipValue = new QClipBlendValue(
     new QAnimationClipLoader(QUrl::fromLocalFile("slide.json")));
 auto bounceClipValue = new QClipBlendValue(
     new QAnimationClipLoader(QUrl::fromLocalFile("bounce.json")));

 // Create blend tree inner node
 auto additiveNode = new QAdditiveClipBlend();

 // Run the animator
 auto animator = new QBlendedClipAnimator();

See also Qt3DAnimation::QAnimationClip and Qt3DAnimation::QAnimationClipLoader.

Property Documentation

duration : const float

Holds the duration of the animation clip in seconds. Gets updated once the animation data is provided to Qt 3D using one of the concrete subclasses.

Access functions:

float duration() const

Notifier signal:

void durationChanged(float duration)

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QAbstractAnimationClip::~QAbstractAnimationClip()

Destroys this animation clip.