GeometryRenderer QML Type

Encapsulates geometry rendering. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.15
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QGeometryRenderer



Detailed Description

A GeometryRenderer holds all the information necessary to draw a Geometry. A Geometry holds the coordinates of the geometry data - GeometryRenderer specifies how to interpret that data.

Property Documentation

firstInstance : int

Holds the base instance.

firstVertex : int

Holds the first vertex.

geometry : Geometry

Holds the geometry.

indexBufferByteOffset : int

Holds the byte offset into the index buffer.

indexOffset : int

Holds the base vertex.

instanceCount : int

Holds the instance count.

primitiveRestartEnabled : bool

Holds the primitive restart flag.

primitiveType : enumeration

Holds the primitive type.

  • QGeometryRenderer.Points
  • QGeometryRenderer.Lines
  • QGeometryRenderer.LineLoop
  • QGeometryRenderer.LineStrip
  • QGeometryRenderer.Triangles
  • QGeometryRenderer.TriangleStrip
  • QGeometryRenderer.TriangleFan
  • QGeometryRenderer.LinesAdjacency
  • QGeometryRenderer.TrianglesAdjacency
  • QGeometryRenderer.LineStripAdjacency
  • QGeometryRenderer.TriangleStripAdjacency
  • QGeometryRenderer.Patches

See also Qt3DRender::QGeometryRenderer::PrimitiveType.

restartIndexValue : int

Holds the restart index.

vertexCount : int

Holds the vertex count.

verticesPerPatch : int

Holds vertices per patch.