FrameGraphNode QML Type

Base class of all FrameGraph configuration nodes. More...

Detailed Description

This class is rarely instanced directly since it doesn't provide any frame graph specific behavior, although it can be convenient to use for grouping other nodes together in dynamic frame graphs. The actual behavior comes from the subclasses.

The subclasses are:

CameraSelectorSelect camera from all available cameras in the scene
ClearBuffersSpecify which buffers to clear and to what values
DispatchComputeSpecify compute operation kernels
FrustumCullingEnable frustum culling
LayerFilterSelect which layers to draw
NoDrawDisable drawing
RenderPassFilterSelect which render passes to draw
RenderStateSetSet render states
RenderSurfaceSelectorSelect which surface to draw to
RenderTargetSelectorSelect which RenderTarget to draw to
SortPolicySpecify how entities are sorted to determine draw order
TechniqueFilterSelect which techniques to draw
ViewportSpecify viewport
MemoryBarrierPlaces a memory barrier