ExtrudedTextGeometry QML Type

ExtrudedTextGeometry allows creation of a 3D text in 3D space. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Extras 2.15
Instantiates: QExtrudedTextGeometry


Detailed Description

The ExtrudedTextGeometry type is most commonly used internally by the ExtrudedTextMesh type but can also be used in custom GeometryRenderer types.

The origin of the geometry is the rear left end of the text's baseline.

Property Documentation

depth : float

Holds the extrusion depth of the text.

font : QFont

Holds the font of the text.

The geometry is normalized by the font's pointSize, so a larger pointSize will result in smoother, rather than larger, text. pixelSize should not be used.

indexAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry index attribute.

normalAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry normal attribute.

positionAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry position attribute.

text : QString

Holds the text used for the mesh.