CylinderGeometry QML Type

CylinderGeometry allows creation of a cylinder in 3D space. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Extras 2.15
Instantiates: QCylinderGeometry


Detailed Description

The CylinderGeometry type is most commonly used internally by the CylinderMesh type but can also be used in custom GeometryRenderer types.

Property Documentation

indexAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry index attribute.

length : real

Holds the length of the cylinder.

normalAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry normal attribute.

positionAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry position attribute.

radius : real

Holds the radius of the cylinder.

rings : int

Holds the number of rings in the cylinder.

slices : int

Holds the number of slices in the cylinder.

texCoordAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry texture coordinate attribute.