Qt Quick Controls 1 - Table View Example

An example for the TableView control.

Warning: The Qt Quick Controls 1 module is deprecated since Qt 5.12. Use the latest Qt Quick Controls module instead.

This example project demonstrates the usage of TableView from Qt Quick Controls 1 - a control to display one or more columns of information from a data list model. The example includes a model that supports sorting and filtering.

The C++ class, SortFilterProxyModel, is registered as a QML type under the namespace, "org.qtproject.example 1.0".

The following snippets show how the type is registered under a namespace and later imported by main.qml.

QML type registration:

 #include <QtQml/qqml.h>
 qmlRegisterType<SortFilterProxyModel>("org.qtproject.example", 1, 0, "SortFilterProxyModel");

QML namespace import:

 import org.qtproject.example 1.0

For more information about registering C++ classes as QML types, see Defining QML Types from C++.

Running the Example

To run the example from Qt Creator, open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.

Example project @ code.qt.io