enumeration QML Basic Type

The enumeration type refers to a named enumeration value.

Each named value can be referred to as <Type>.<value>. For example, the Text type has an AlignRight enumeration value:

 Text { horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignRight }

(For backwards compatibility, the enumeration value may also be specified as a string, e.g. "AlignRight". This form is not recommended for new code.)

When integrating with C++, note that any enum value passed into QML from C++ is automatically converted into an enumeration value, and vice-versa.

This basic type is provided by the QML language. Some enumeration values are provided by the QtQuick import.

Using the enumeration Type in QML

The enumeration type is a representation of a C++ enum type. It is not possible to refer to the enumeration type in QML itself; instead, the int or var types can be used when referring to enumeration values from QML code.

For example:

 import QtQuick 2.0

 Item {
     // refer to Text.AlignRight using an int type
     property int enumValue: textItem.horizontalAlignment

     signal valueEmitted(int someValue)

     Text {
         id: textItem
         horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignRight

     // emit valueEmitted() signal, which expects an int, with Text.AlignRight
     Component.onCompleted: valueEmitted(Text.AlignRight)

See also QML Basic Types and Enumeration Attributes.