geocircle QML Basic Type

The geocircle type is a geoshape that represents a circular geographic area. It is a direct representation of a QGeoCircle and is defined in terms of a coordinate which specifies the center of the circle and a qreal which specifies the radius of the circle in meters.

The circle is considered invalid if the center coordinate is invalid or if the radius is less than zero.

Example Usage

Use properties of type variant to store a geocircle. To create a geocircle value, use the function:

 import QtPositioning 5.2

 Item {
     property variant region:, 153.1), 1000)

When integrating with C++, note that any QGeoCircle value passed into QML from C++ is automatically converted into a geocircle value, and vise-versa.



 coordinate radius

This property holds the coordinate of the center of the geocircle.


 real radius

This property holds the radius of the geocircle in meters.

The default value for the radius is -1 indicating an invalid geocircle area.