QShortcutEvent Class

The QShortcutEvent class provides an event which is generated when the user presses a key combination. More...

Header: #include <QShortcutEvent>
qmake: QT += gui
Inherits: QEvent

Public Functions

QShortcutEvent(const QKeySequence &key, int id, bool ambiguous = false)
virtual ~QShortcutEvent()
bool isAmbiguous() const
const QKeySequence &key() const
int shortcutId() const

Detailed Description

Normally you do not need to use this class directly; QShortcut provides a higher-level interface to handle shortcut keys.

See also QShortcut.

Member Function Documentation

QShortcutEvent::QShortcutEvent(const QKeySequence &key, int id, bool ambiguous = false)

Constructs a shortcut event for the given key press, associated with the QShortcut ID id.

ambiguous specifies whether there is more than one QShortcut for the same key sequence.

[virtual] QShortcutEvent::~QShortcutEvent()

Destroys the event object.

bool QShortcutEvent::isAmbiguous() const

Returns true if the key sequence that triggered the event is ambiguous.

See also QShortcut::activatedAmbiguously().

const QKeySequence &QShortcutEvent::key() const

Returns the key sequence that triggered the event.

int QShortcutEvent::shortcutId() const

Returns the ID of the QShortcut object for which this event was generated.

See also QShortcut::id().