QResizeEvent Class

The QResizeEvent class contains event parameters for resize events. More...

Header: #include <QResizeEvent>
qmake: QT += gui
Inherits: QEvent

Public Functions

QResizeEvent(const QSize &size, const QSize &oldSize)
const QSize &oldSize() const
const QSize &size() const

Detailed Description

Resize events are sent to widgets that have been resized.

The event handler QWidget::resizeEvent() receives resize events.

See also QWidget::resize() and QWidget::setGeometry().

Member Function Documentation

QResizeEvent::QResizeEvent(const QSize &size, const QSize &oldSize)

Constructs a resize event with the new and old widget sizes, size and oldSize respectively.

const QSize &QResizeEvent::oldSize() const

Returns the old size of the widget.

const QSize &QResizeEvent::size() const

Returns the new size of the widget. This is the same as QWidget::size().