QAccessibleObject Class

The QAccessibleObject class implements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects. More...

Header: #include <QAccessibleObject>
qmake: QT += gui
Inherits: QAccessibleInterface
Inherited By:


Public Functions

QAccessibleObject(QObject *object)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QAccessibleInterface *childAt(int x, int y) const override
virtual bool isValid() const override
virtual QObject *object() const override
virtual QRect rect() const override
virtual void setText(QAccessible::Text t, const QString &text) override

Protected Functions

virtual ~QAccessibleObject()

Detailed Description

This class is part of Accessibility for QWidget Applications.

This class is mainly provided for convenience. All subclasses of the QAccessibleInterface that provide implementations of non-widget objects should use this class as their base class.

See also QAccessible and QAccessibleWidget.

Member Function Documentation

QAccessibleObject::QAccessibleObject(QObject *object)

Creates a QAccessibleObject for object.

[virtual protected] QAccessibleObject::~QAccessibleObject()

Destroys the QAccessibleObject.

This only happens when a call to release() decrements the internal reference counter to zero.

[override virtual] QAccessibleInterface *QAccessibleObject::childAt(int x, int y) const

Reimplements: QAccessibleInterface::childAt(int x, int y) const.

[override virtual] bool QAccessibleObject::isValid() const

Reimplements: QAccessibleInterface::isValid() const.

[override virtual] QObject *QAccessibleObject::object() const

Reimplements: QAccessibleInterface::object() const.

[override virtual] QRect QAccessibleObject::rect() const

Reimplements: QAccessibleInterface::rect() const.

[override virtual] void QAccessibleObject::setText(QAccessible::Text t, const QString &text)

Reimplements: QAccessibleInterface::setText(QAccessible::Text t, const QString &text).