WrappedEvent Class

class QStateMachine::WrappedEvent

The WrappedEvent class inherits QEvent and holds a clone of an event associated with a QObject. More...

This class was introduced in Qt 4.6.

Public Functions

virtual ~WrappedEvent()
QEvent *event() const
QObject *object() const

Detailed Description

A wrapped event is generated by a QStateMachine in response to a Qt event. The QEventTransition class provides a transition associated with a such an event. QStateMachine::WrappedEvent is part of The State Machine Framework.

The object() function returns the object that generated the event. The event() function returns a clone of the original event.

See also QEventTransition.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] WrappedEvent::~WrappedEvent()

Destroys this WrappedEvent.

QEvent *WrappedEvent::event() const

Returns a clone of the original event.

QObject *WrappedEvent::object() const

Returns the object that the event is associated with.