QLatin1Char Struct

The QLatin1Char class provides an 8-bit ASCII/Latin-1 character. More...

Header: #include <QLatin1Char>
qmake: QT += core

Note: All functions in this struct are reentrant.

Public Functions

QLatin1Char(char c)
char toLatin1() const
ushort unicode() const

Detailed Description

This class is only useful to construct a QChar with 8-bit character.

See also QChar, QLatin1String, and QString.

Member Function Documentation

QLatin1Char::QLatin1Char(char c)

Constructs a Latin-1 character for c. This constructor should be used when the encoding of the input character is known to be Latin-1.

char QLatin1Char::toLatin1() const

Converts a Latin-1 character to an 8-bit ASCII representation of the character.

ushort QLatin1Char::unicode() const

Converts a Latin-1 character to an 16-bit-encoded Unicode representation of the character.