Address Book Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to GUI programming with the Qt cross-platform framework.

In this tutorial, you will learn about some of the basic components of Qt, including:

  • Widgets and layout managers
  • Container classes
  • Signals and slots
  • Input and output devices

Tutorial contents:

  1. Designing the User Interface
  2. Adding Addresses
  3. Navigating between Entries
  4. Editing and Removing Addresses
  5. Adding a Find Function
  6. Loading and Saving
  7. Additional Features

The tutorial source code is located in tutorials/addressbook.

Although this little application does not look much like a fully-fledged modern GUI application, it uses many of the basic elements that are used in more complex applications. After you have worked through this tutorial, we recommend reading the Application example, which presents a small GUI application, with menus, toolbars, a status bar, and so on.