QTileRules Struct

The QTileRules class provides the rules used to draw a pixmap or image split into nine segments. More...

Header: #include <QTileRules>
qmake: QT += widgets
Since: Qt 4.6

This struct was introduced in Qt 4.6.

Public Functions

QTileRules(Qt::TileRule rule = Qt::StretchTile)
QTileRules(Qt::TileRule horizontalRule, Qt::TileRule verticalRule)

Detailed Description

Spliiting is similar to CSS3 border-images.

See also Qt::TileRule and QMargins.

Member Function Documentation

QTileRules::QTileRules(Qt::TileRule rule = Qt::StretchTile)

Constructs a QTileRules with the given rule used for both the horizontal rule and the vertical rule.

QTileRules::QTileRules(Qt::TileRule horizontalRule, Qt::TileRule verticalRule)

Constructs a QTileRules with the given horizontalRule and verticalRule.