QWebEngineScriptCollection Class

The QWebEngineScriptCollection class represents a collection of user scripts. More...

Header: #include <QWebEngineScriptCollection>
qmake: QT += webenginewidgets
Since: Qt 5.5

This class was introduced in Qt 5.5.

Public Functions

void clear()
bool contains(const QWebEngineScript &value) const
int count() const
QWebEngineScript findScript(const QString &name) const
QList<QWebEngineScript> findScripts(const QString &name) const
void insert(const QWebEngineScript &s)
void insert(const QList<QWebEngineScript> &list)
bool isEmpty() const
bool remove(const QWebEngineScript &script)
int size() const
QList<QWebEngineScript> toList() const

Detailed Description

QWebEngineScriptCollection manages a set of user scripts.

Use QWebEnginePage::scripts() and QWebEngineProfile::scripts() to access the collection of scripts associated with a single page or a number of pages sharing the same profile.

See also Script Injection.

Member Function Documentation


Destroys the collection.

void QWebEngineScriptCollection::clear()

Removes all scripts from this collection.

bool QWebEngineScriptCollection::contains(const QWebEngineScript &value) const

Returns true if the collection contains an occurrence of value; otherwise returns false.

int QWebEngineScriptCollection::count() const

Returns the number of elements in the collection.

QWebEngineScript QWebEngineScriptCollection::findScript(const QString &name) const

Returns the first script found in the collection with the name name, or a null QWebEngineScript if none was found.

Note: The order in which the script collection is traversed is undefined, which means this should be used when the unicity is guaranteed at the application level.

See also findScripts().

QList<QWebEngineScript> QWebEngineScriptCollection::findScripts(const QString &name) const

Returns the list of scripts in the collection with the name name, or an empty list if none was found.

void QWebEngineScriptCollection::insert(const QWebEngineScript &s)

Inserts the script s into the collection.

void QWebEngineScriptCollection::insert(const QList<QWebEngineScript> &list)

Inserts scripts from the list list into the collection.

bool QWebEngineScriptCollection::isEmpty() const

Returns true if the collection is empty; otherwise returns false.

bool QWebEngineScriptCollection::remove(const QWebEngineScript &script)

Removes script from the collection.

Returns true if the script was found and successfully removed from the collection; otherwise returns false.

int QWebEngineScriptCollection::size() const

Returns the number of elements in the collection.

QList<QWebEngineScript> QWebEngineScriptCollection::toList() const

Returns a list with the values of the scripts used in this collection.