WebEngineLoadRequest QML Type

A utility type for the WebEngineView::loadingChanged signal. More...

Import Statement: import QtWebEngine 1.10
Since: QtWebEngine 1.0


Detailed Description

Contains information about a request for loading a web page, such as the URL and current loading status (started, succeeded, failed).

See also WebEngineView::loadingChanged.

Property Documentation

errorCode : int

Holds the error code.

errorDomain : enumeration

This enumeration holds the type of a load request error:

WebEngineView.NoErrorDomainError type is not known.
WebEngineView.InternalErrorDomainContent cannot be interpreted by Qt WebEngine.
WebEngineView.ConnectionErrorDomainError results from a faulty network connection.
WebEngineView.CertificateErrorDomainError is related to the SSL/TLS certificate.
WebEngineView.HttpErrorDomainError is related to the HTTP connection.
WebEngineView.FtpErrorDomainError is related to the FTP connection.
WebEngineView.DnsErrorDomainError is related to the DNS connection.

errorString : string

Holds the error message.

status : enumeration

This enumeration represents the load status of a web page load request:

WebEngineLoadRequest.LoadStartedStatusPage is currently loading.
WebEngineLoadRequest.LoadSucceededStatusPage has been loaded with success.
WebEngineLoadRequest.LoadFailedStatusPage could not be loaded.

See also WebEngineView::loadingChanged.

url : url

Holds the URL of the load request.