QWaylandShellSurface Class

The QWaylandShellSurface class is a common interface for surface roles specified by shell extensions. More...

Header: #include <QWaylandShellSurface>
qmake: QT += waylandcompositor
Since: Qt 5.8
Inherits: QWaylandCompositorExtension

This class was introduced in Qt 5.8.


Public Functions

virtual QWaylandQuickShellIntegration *createIntegration(QWaylandQuickShellSurfaceItem *item) = 0
virtual Qt::WindowType windowType() const


Detailed Description

This interface represents a Wayland surface role given by a Wayland protocol extension that defines how the QWaylandSurface should map onto the screen.

See also QWaylandSurface, QWaylandWlShellSurface, QWaylandXdgSurfaceV5, and QWaylandIviSurface.

Property Documentation

windowType : const Qt::WindowType

This property holds the window type of the QWaylandShellSurface.

Access functions:

virtual Qt::WindowType windowType() const

Notifier signal:

void windowTypeChanged()

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] QWaylandQuickShellIntegration *QWaylandShellSurface::createIntegration(QWaylandQuickShellSurfaceItem *item)

Creates a QWaylandQuickShellIntegration for this QWaylandQuickShellSurface. It's called automatically when item's shellSurface is assigned.

See also QWaylandQuickShellSurfaceItem.