QWaylandPointer Class

The QWaylandPointer class represents a pointer device. More...

Header: #include <QWaylandPointer>
qmake: QT += waylandcompositor
Since: Qt 5.8
Inherits: QWaylandObject

This class was introduced in Qt 5.8.

Public Functions

QWaylandPointer(QWaylandSeat *seat, QObject *parent = nullptr)
QWaylandCompositor *compositor() const
QPointF currentLocalPosition() const
QPointF currentSpacePosition() const
wl_resource *focusResource() const
bool isButtonPressed() const
QWaylandView *mouseFocus() const
QWaylandOutput *output() const
QWaylandSeat *seat() const
virtual void sendMouseMoveEvent(QWaylandView *view, const QPointF &localPos, const QPointF &outputSpacePos)
virtual uint sendMousePressEvent(Qt::MouseButton button)
virtual uint sendMouseReleaseEvent(Qt::MouseButton button)
virtual void sendMouseWheelEvent(Qt::Orientation orientation, int delta)
void setOutput(QWaylandOutput *output)


Detailed Description

This class provides access to the pointer device in a QWaylandSeat. It corresponds to the Wayland interface wl_pointer.

Member Function Documentation

QWaylandPointer::QWaylandPointer(QWaylandSeat *seat, QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a QWaylandPointer for the given seat and with the given parent.

QWaylandCompositor *QWaylandPointer::compositor() const

Returns the compositor for this QWaylandPointer.

QPointF QWaylandPointer::currentLocalPosition() const

Returns the current local position of the QWaylandPointer in surface coordinates.

QPointF QWaylandPointer::currentSpacePosition() const

Returns the current output space position of the QWaylandPointer.

wl_resource *QWaylandPointer::focusResource() const

Returns a Wayland resource for this QWaylandPointer.

This API doesn't actually make sense, since there may be many pointer resources per client It's here for compatibility reasons.

bool QWaylandPointer::isButtonPressed() const

Returns true if any button is currently pressed. Otherwise returns false.

Note: Getter function for property isButtonPressed.

QWaylandView *QWaylandPointer::mouseFocus() const

Returns the view that currently holds mouse focus.

QWaylandOutput *QWaylandPointer::output() const

Returns the output for this QWaylandPointer.

See also setOutput().

QWaylandSeat *QWaylandPointer::seat() const

Returns the input device for this QWaylandPointer.

[virtual] void QWaylandPointer::sendMouseMoveEvent(QWaylandView *view, const QPointF &localPos, const QPointF &outputSpacePos)

Sets the current mouse focus to view and sends a mouse move event to it with the local position localPos in surface coordinates and output space position outputSpacePos.

[virtual] uint QWaylandPointer::sendMousePressEvent(Qt::MouseButton button)

Sends a mouse press event for button to the view currently holding mouse focus.

Returns the serial number of the press event.

[virtual] uint QWaylandPointer::sendMouseReleaseEvent(Qt::MouseButton button)

Sends a mouse release event for button to the view currently holding mouse focus.

Returns the serial number of the release event.

[virtual] void QWaylandPointer::sendMouseWheelEvent(Qt::Orientation orientation, int delta)

Sends a mouse wheel event with the given orientation and delta to the view that currently holds mouse focus.

void QWaylandPointer::setOutput(QWaylandOutput *output)

Sets the output for this QWaylandPointer to output.

See also output().