QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1 Class

Provides an extension that allows to inhibit the idle behavior of the compositor. More...

Header: #include <QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1>
qmake: QT += waylandcompositor
Since: Qt 5.14
Inherits: QWaylandCompositorExtensionTemplate

This class was introduced in Qt 5.14.

Public Functions

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void initialize() override

Static Public Members

const struct wl_interface *interface()

Detailed Description

The QWaylandIdleInhibitV1 extension provides a way for a client to inhibit the idle behavior of the compositor when a specific surface is visually relevant to the user.

QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1 corresponds to the Wayland interface, zwp_idle_inhibit_manager_v1.

Inhibited surfaces have the QWaylandSurface::inhibitsIdle property set to true.

See also QWaylandSurface::inhibitsIdle.

Member Function Documentation

QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1::QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1(QWaylandCompositor *compositor)

Constructs a QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1 object for the provided compositor.


Constructs a QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1 object.

[virtual] QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1::~QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1()

Destructs a QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1 object.

[override virtual] void QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1::initialize()

Initializes the extension.

[static] const struct wl_interface *QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1::interface()

Returns the Wayland interface for the QWaylandIdleInhibitManagerV1.