WlShellSurface QML Type

Provides a wl_shell_surface that offers desktop-style compositor-specific features to a surface. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15
Since: Qt 5.8



Detailed Description

This type is part of the WlShell extension and provides a way to extend the functionality of an existing WaylandSurface with features specific to desktop-style compositors, such as resizing and moving the surface.

It corresponds to the Wayland interface wl_shell_surface.

Property Documentation

className : string

This property holds the class name of the WlShellSurface.

shell : WlShell

This property holds the shell associated with this WlShellSurface.

surface : WaylandSurface

This property holds the wl_surface associated with this WlShellSurface.

title : string

This property holds the title of the WlShellSurface.

windowType : enum

This property holds the window type of the WlShellSurface.

Method Documentation

void initialize(WlShell shell, WaylandSurface surface, WaylandResource resource)

Initializes the WlShellSurface and associates it with the given shell, surface, and resource.

void ping()

Sends a ping event to the client. If the client replies to the event the pong signal will be emitted.

void sendConfigure(size s, enum edges)

Sends a configure event to the client, suggesting that it resize its surface to the provided size s. The edges provide a hint about how the surface was resized.

void sendPopupDone()

Sends a popup_done event to the client to indicate that the user has clicked somewhere outside the client's surfaces.