WlShell QML Type

Provides an extension for desktop-style user interfaces. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15
Since: Qt 5.8


Detailed Description

The WlShell extension provides a way to associate a ShellSurface with a regular Wayland surface. Using the shell surface interface, the client can request that the surface is resized, moved, and so on.

WlShell corresponds to the Wayland interface wl_shell.

To provide the functionality of the shell extension in a compositor, create an instance of the WlShell component and add it to the list of extensions supported by the compositor:

 import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15

 WaylandCompositor {
     WlShell {
         // ...

Signal Documentation

void wlShellSurfaceCreated(WlShellSurface shellSurface)

This signal is emitted when the client has created a wl_shell_surface. A common use case is to let the handler of this signal instantiate a ShellSurfaceItem or WaylandQuickItem for displaying shellSurface in a QtQuick scene.

Note: The corresponding handler is onWlShellSurfaceCreated.

void wlShellSurfaceRequested(WaylandSurface surface, WaylandResource resource)

This signal is emitted when the client has requested a wl_shell_surface to be associated with surface. The handler for this signal may create a shell surface for resource and initialize it within the scope of the signal emission. Otherwise a WlShellSurface will be created automatically.

Note: The corresponding handler is onWlShellSurfaceRequested.