WaylandHardwareLayer QML Type

Makes a parent WaylandQuickItem use hardware layers for rendering. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15


Detailed Description

This item needs to be a descendant of a WaylandQuickItem or a derivative, (i.e. ShellSurfaceItem or similar)

The Surface of the parent WaylandQuickItem will be drawn in a hardware specific way instead of the regular way using the QtQuick scene graph. On some platforms, the WaylandQuickItem's current buffer and the scene graph can be blended in a separate step. This makes it possible for clients to update continuously without triggering a full redraw of the compositor scene graph for each frame.

The preferred hardware layer integration may be overridden by setting the QT_WAYLAND_HARDWARE_LAYER_INTEGRATION environment variable.

Property Documentation

stackingLevel : int

This property holds the stacking level of this hardware layer relative to other hardware layers, and can be used to sort hardware layers. I.e. a layer with a higher level is rendered on top of one with a lower level.

Layers with level 0 will be drawn in an implementation defined order on top of the compositor scene graph.

Layers with a level below 0 are drawn beneath the compositor scene graph, if supported by the hardware layer integration.