ShellSurfaceItem QML Type

A Qt Quick item type for displaying and interacting with a ShellSurface. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15
Since: Qt 5.8



Detailed Description

This type is used to render wl_shell, xdg_shell or ivi_application surfaces as part of a Qt Quick scene. It handles moving and resizing triggered by clicking on the window decorations.

See also WaylandQuickItem, WlShellSurface, XdgSurfaceV5, and IviSurface.

Property Documentation

autoCreatePopupItems : bool

This property holds whether ShellSurfaceItems for popups parented to the shell surface managed by this item should automatically be created.

moveItem : Item

This property holds the move item for this ShellSurfaceItem. This is the item that will be moved when the clients request the ShellSurface to be moved, maximized, resized etc. This property is useful when implementing server-side decorations.

shellSurface : ShellSurface

This property holds the ShellSurface rendered by this ShellSurfaceItem. It may either be an XdgSurfaceV5, WlShellSurface or IviSurface depending on which shell protocol is in use.