ShellSurface QML Type

Provides a common interface for surface roles specified by shell extensions. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.15
Since: Qt 5.8


Detailed Description

This interface represents a Wayland surface role given by a Wayland protocol extension that defines how the WaylandSurface should map onto the screen.

Note: Even though this type contains a very limited API, the properties and signals of the implementations are named consistently. For example, if you're only using desktop shell extensions in your compositor, it's safe to access properties such as title, maximized, etc. directly on the ShellSurface. See the various implementations for additional properties and signals.

See also WaylandSurface, ShellSurfaceItem, WlShellSurface, XdgSurfaceV5, and IviSurface.

Property Documentation

windowType : enum

This property holds the window type of the ShellSurface.