QQuickAsyncImageProvider Class

The QQuickAsyncImageProvider class provides an interface for for asynchronous control of QML image requests. More...

Header: #include <QQuickAsyncImageProvider>
qmake: QT += quick
Since: Qt 5.6
Inherits: QQuickImageProvider

This class was introduced in Qt 5.6.

Public Functions

virtual QQuickImageResponse *requestImageResponse(const QString &id, const QSize &requestedSize) = 0

Detailed Description

See the Image Response Provider Example for a complete implementation.

See also QQuickImageProvider.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] QQuickImageResponse *QQuickAsyncImageProvider::requestImageResponse(const QString &id, const QSize &requestedSize)

Implement this method to return the job that will provide the texture with id.

The id is the requested image source, with the "image:" scheme and provider identifier removed. For example, if the image source was "image://myprovider/icons/home", the given id would be "icons/home".

The requestedSize corresponds to the Image::sourceSize requested by an Image item. If requestedSize is a valid size, the image returned should be of that size.

Note: this method may be called by multiple threads, so ensure the implementation of this method is reentrant.