QGLXNativeContext Struct

A class encapsulating a GLXContext and related native handles. More...

Header: #include <QGLXNativeContext>
Since: Qt 5.4

This struct was introduced in Qt 5.4.

Public Functions

QGLXNativeContext(GLXContext ctx, Display *dpy = nullptr, Window wnd = 0, VisualID vid = 0)
GLXContext context() const
Display *display() const
VisualID visualId() const
Window window() const

Detailed Description

Note: Only context() is guaranteed to be valid. The other handles may be all 0. They are useful however when QOpenGLContext::setNativeHandle() is used to adopt a legacy context created by glXCreateContext. To adopt such a context, either the Window or VisualID that had been used to create the context needs to be known, otherwise the adoption will fail. For modern contexts created with an FBConfig, these are not necessary, the GLXContext itself is sufficient. The Display is optional.

Note: There is no binary compatibility guarantee for this class, meaning that an application using it is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed against.

See also QOpenGLContext::setNativeHandle() and QOpenGLContext::nativeHandle().

Member Function Documentation

QGLXNativeContext::QGLXNativeContext(GLXContext ctx, Display *dpy = nullptr, Window wnd = 0, VisualID vid = 0)

Constructs a new instance with the provided ctx, dpy, wnd, vid handles.


Construct a new instance with no handles.

GLXContext QGLXNativeContext::context() const

Returns the GLXContext.

Display *QGLXNativeContext::display() const

Returns a pointer to the X11 display or NULL if not available.

VisualID QGLXNativeContext::visualId() const

Returns the X11 visual ID or 0 if not available.

Window QGLXNativeContext::window() const

Returns the X11 Window or 0 if not available.