QEGLNativeContext Struct

A class encapsulating an EGL context and display handle. More...

Header: #include <QEGLNativeContext>
Since: Qt 5.4

This struct was introduced in Qt 5.4.

Public Functions

QEGLNativeContext(EGLContext ctx, EGLDisplay dpy)
EGLContext context() const
EGLDisplay display() const

Detailed Description

Note: There is no binary compatibility guarantee for this class, meaning that an application using it is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed against.

Note: Due to being public while relying on otherwise hidden EGL types, this header itself does not include EGL/egl.h. It is the application's responsibility to include egl.h with any appropriate defines (for example, MESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS or other vendor-specific defines controlling the typedefs for EGL's native resources) before this header.

See also QOpenGLContext::setNativeHandle() and QOpenGLContext::nativeHandle().

Member Function Documentation

QEGLNativeContext::QEGLNativeContext(EGLContext ctx, EGLDisplay dpy)

Constructs a new instance with the provided ctx and dpy handles.


Construct a new instance with no handles.

EGLContext QEGLNativeContext::context() const

Returns the EGL context.

EGLDisplay QEGLNativeContext::display() const

Returns the EGL display.