QScrollPrepareEvent Class

The QScrollPrepareEvent class is sent in preparation of scrolling. More...

Header: #include <QScrollPrepareEvent>
qmake: QT += gui
Since: Qt 4.8
Inherits: QEvent

This class was introduced in Qt 4.8.

Public Functions

QScrollPrepareEvent(const QPointF &startPos)
virtual ~QScrollPrepareEvent()
QPointF contentPos() const
QRectF contentPosRange() const
void setContentPos(const QPointF &pos)
void setContentPosRange(const QRectF &rect)
void setViewportSize(const QSizeF &size)
QPointF startPos() const
QSizeF viewportSize() const

Detailed Description

The scroll prepare event is sent before scrolling (usually by QScroller) is started. The object receiving this event should set viewportSize, maxContentPos and contentPos. It also should accept this event to indicate that scrolling should be started.

It is not guaranteed that a QScrollEvent will be sent after an acceepted QScrollPrepareEvent, e.g. in a case where the maximum content position is (0,0).

See also QScrollEvent and QScroller.

Member Function Documentation

QScrollPrepareEvent::QScrollPrepareEvent(const QPointF &startPos)

Creates new QScrollPrepareEvent The startPos is the position of a touch or mouse event that started the scrolling.

[virtual] QScrollPrepareEvent::~QScrollPrepareEvent()

Destroys QScrollEvent.

QPointF QScrollPrepareEvent::contentPos() const

Returns the current position of the content as set by setContentPos.

See also setContentPos().

QRectF QScrollPrepareEvent::contentPosRange() const

Returns the range of coordinates for the content as set by setContentPosRange().

See also setContentPosRange().

void QScrollPrepareEvent::setContentPos(const QPointF &pos)

Sets the current content position to pos.

See also contentPos().

void QScrollPrepareEvent::setContentPosRange(const QRectF &rect)

Sets the range of content coordinates to rect.

See also contentPosRange().

void QScrollPrepareEvent::setViewportSize(const QSizeF &size)

Sets the size of the area that is to be scrolled to size.

See also viewportSize().

QPointF QScrollPrepareEvent::startPos() const

Returns the position of the touch or mouse event that started the scrolling.

QSizeF QScrollPrepareEvent::viewportSize() const

Returns size of the area that is to be scrolled as set by setViewportSize

See also setViewportSize().