AssignmentInfo Struct

struct QScxmlExecutableContent::AssignmentInfo

The AssingmentInfo class represents a data assignment. More...

Header: #include <AssignmentInfo>
qmake: QT += scxml
Since: Qt 5.8

This struct was introduced in Qt 5.8.

Public Variables

QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId context
QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId dest
QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId expr

Detailed Description

Member Variable Documentation

QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId AssignmentInfo::context

This variable holds the context for evaluating the expression

QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId AssignmentInfo::dest

This variable holds the name of the data item to assign to

QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId AssignmentInfo::expr

This variable holds the expression to be evaluated