QTextItem Class

The QTextItem class provides all the information required to draw text in a custom paint engine. More...

Header: #include <QTextItem>
qmake: QT += gui

Public Types

enum RenderFlag { RightToLeft, Overline, Underline, StrikeOut }
flags RenderFlags

Public Functions

qreal ascent() const
qreal descent() const
QFont font() const
QTextItem::RenderFlags renderFlags() const
QString text() const
qreal width() const

Detailed Description

When you reimplement your own paint engine, you must reimplement QPaintEngine::drawTextItem(), a function that takes a QTextItem as one of its arguments.

Member Type Documentation

enum QTextItem::RenderFlag
flags QTextItem::RenderFlags

QTextItem::RightToLeft0x1Render the text from right to left.
QTextItem::Overline0x10Paint a line above the text.
QTextItem::Underline0x20Paint a line under the text.
QTextItem::StrikeOut0x40Paint a line through the text.

The RenderFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<RenderFlag>. It stores an OR combination of RenderFlag values.

Member Function Documentation

qreal QTextItem::ascent() const

Corresponds to the ascent of the piece of text that is drawn.

qreal QTextItem::descent() const

Corresponds to the descent of the piece of text that is drawn.

QFont QTextItem::font() const

Returns the font that should be used to draw the text.

QTextItem::RenderFlags QTextItem::renderFlags() const

Returns the render flags used.

QString QTextItem::text() const

Returns the text that should be drawn.

qreal QTextItem::width() const

Specifies the total width of the text to be drawn.