Qt Namespace

The Qt namespace includes the following elements from module QtGui. The full namespace is documented in module QtCore here.

qmake: QT += gui


QString convertFromPlainText(const QString &plain, Qt::WhiteSpaceMode mode = WhiteSpacePre)
bool mightBeRichText(const QString &text)

Function Documentation

QString Qt::convertFromPlainText(const QString &plain, Qt::WhiteSpaceMode mode = WhiteSpacePre)

Converts the plain text string plain to an HTML-formatted paragraph while preserving most of its look.

mode defines how whitespace is handled.

This function is defined in the <QTextDocument> header file.

See also QString::toHtmlEscaped() and mightBeRichText().

bool Qt::mightBeRichText(const QString &text)

Returns true if the string text is likely to be rich text; otherwise returns false.

This function uses a fast and therefore simple heuristic. It mainly checks whether there is something that looks like a tag before the first line break. Although the result may be correct for common cases, there is no guarantee.

This function is defined in the <QTextDocument> header file.