QAccessibleEvent Class

The QAccessibleEvent class is the base class for accessibility notifications. More...

Header: #include <QAccessibleEvent>
qmake: QT += gui
Inherited By:

QAccessibleStateChangeEvent, QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent, QAccessibleTextCursorEvent, and QAccessibleValueChangeEvent

Public Functions

QAccessibleEvent(QAccessibleInterface *interface, QAccessible::Event type)
QAccessibleEvent(QObject *object, QAccessible::Event type)
virtual ~QAccessibleEvent()
virtual QAccessibleInterface *accessibleInterface() const
int child() const
QObject *object() const
void setChild(int child)
QAccessible::Event type() const

Detailed Description

This class is used with QAccessible::updateAccessibility().

The event type is one of the values of QAccessible::Event. There are a number of subclasses that should be used to provide more details about the event.

For example to notify about a focus change when re-implementing QWidget::setFocus, the event could be used as follows:

 void MyWidget::setFocus(Qt::FocusReason reason)
     // handle custom focus setting...
     QAccessibleEvent event(f, QAccessible::Focus);

To enable in process screen readers, all events must be sent after the change has happened.

Member Function Documentation

QAccessibleEvent::QAccessibleEvent(QAccessibleInterface *interface, QAccessible::Event type)

Constructs a QAccessibleEvent to notify that interface has changed. The event type describes what changed. Use this function if you already have a QAccessibleInterface or no QObject, otherwise consider the overload taking a QObject parameter as it might be cheaper.

QAccessibleEvent::QAccessibleEvent(QObject *object, QAccessible::Event type)

Constructs a QAccessibleEvent to notify that object has changed. The event type describes what changed.

[virtual] QAccessibleEvent::~QAccessibleEvent()

Destroys the event.

[virtual] QAccessibleInterface *QAccessibleEvent::accessibleInterface() const

Returns the QAccessibleInterface associated with the event.

int QAccessibleEvent::child() const

Returns the child index.

See also setChild().

QObject *QAccessibleEvent::object() const

Returns the event object.

void QAccessibleEvent::setChild(int child)

Sets the child index to child.

See also child().

QAccessible::Event QAccessibleEvent::type() const

Returns the event type.