qt5_add_big_resources(<VAR> file1.qrc [file2.qrc ...]
                       [OPTIONS ...])


Creates compiled object files from Qt resource files using the Resource Compiler (rcc). Paths to the generated files are added to <VAR>.

This is similar to qt5_add_resources / qt_add_resources, but directly generates object files (.o, .obj) files instead of C++ source code. This allows to embed bigger resources, where compiling to C++ sources and then to binaries would be too time consuming or memory intensive.

Note: This macro is only available if using CMake 3.9 or later.

Note: For compatibility with Qt 6, the command is also available under the name qt_add_big_resources.


You can set additional OPTIONS that should be added to the rcc calls. You can find possible options in the rcc documentation.


 set(SOURCES main.cpp)
 qt5_add_big_resources(SOURCES big_resource.qrc)
 add_executable(myapp ${SOURCES})