qt_add_big_resources(<VAR> file1.qrc [file2.qrc ...]
                      [OPTIONS ...])


Creates compiled object files from Qt resource files using the Resource Compiler (rcc). Paths to the generated files are added to <VAR>.

This is similar to qt5_add_resources / qt_add_resources, but directly generates object files (.o, .obj) files instead of C++ source code. This allows to embed bigger resources, where compiling to C++ sources and then to binaries would be too time consuming or memory intensive.

Note: This macro is only available if using CMake 3.9 or later.

This command was introduced in Qt 5.15. You can use qt5_add_big_resources in older versions of Qt.


You can set additional OPTIONS that should be added to the rcc calls. You can find possible options in the rcc documentation.


 set(SOURCES main.cpp)
 qt_add_big_resources(SOURCES big_resource.qrc)
 add_executable(myapp ${SOURCES})