QStaticPlugin Struct

QStaticPlugin is a struct containing a reference to a static plugin instance together with its meta data. More...

Header: #include <QStaticPlugin>
qmake: QT += core
Since: Qt 5.2

This struct was introduced in Qt 5.2.

Public Functions

QObject *instance()
QJsonObject metaData() const
const char *rawMetaData()

Detailed Description

See also QPluginLoader and How to Create Qt Plugins.

Member Function Documentation

QObject *QStaticPlugin::instance()

Returns the plugin instance.

See also QPluginLoader::staticInstances().

QJsonObject QStaticPlugin::metaData() const

Returns a the meta data for the plugin as a QJsonObject.

See also rawMetaData().

const char *QStaticPlugin::rawMetaData()

Returns the raw meta data for the plugin.

See also metaData() and Q_PLUGIN_METADATA().