QMetaClassInfo Class

The QMetaClassInfo class provides additional information about a class. More...

Header: #include <QMetaClassInfo>
qmake: QT += core

Public Functions

const char *name() const
const char *value() const

Detailed Description

Class information items are simple name--value pairs that are specified using Q_CLASSINFO() in the source code. The information can be retrieved using name() and value(). For example:

 class MyClass
     Q_CLASSINFO("author", "Sabrina Schweinsteiger")
     Q_CLASSINFO("url", "http://doc.moosesoft.co.uk/1.0/")


This mechanism is free for you to use in your Qt applications. Qt doesn't use it for any of its classes.

See also QMetaObject.

Member Function Documentation

const char *QMetaClassInfo::name() const

Returns the name of this item.

See also value().

const char *QMetaClassInfo::value() const

Returns the value of this item.

See also name().