Qt Reference Documentation

Qt Licenses and Credits

This page contains information on the different licenses Qt is shipped with, and credits to some of our many contributers.


The Catharon License used in parts of FreeType.

Contributions to the Following QtGui Files: qapplication_cocoa_p.h, qapplication_mac.mm, qdesktopwidget_mac.mm qeventdispatcher_mac.mm qeventdispatcher_mac_p.h qmacincludes_mac.h qt_cocoa_helpers.mm qt_cocoa_helpers_p.h qwidget_mac.mm qsystemtrayicon_mac.mm

License information for contributions by Apple, Inc. to specific parts of the Qt for Mac OS X Cocoa port.

Contributions to the Following qt3to4 Files: treewalker.h, treedump.cpp, treedump.h, treewalker.cpp

License information for contributions to the qt3to4 source code.

Easing Equations by Robert Penner

GNU General Public License (GPL)

About the GPL license used for Qt.

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

About the LGPL license used for Qt.

Implementation of the Recursive Shadow Casting Algorithm in Qt Designer

License information for contributions to specific parts of the Qt Designer source code.

Licenses for Fonts Used in Qt for Embedded Linux

Information about the licenses of fonts supplied with Qt for Embedded Linux.

Notes about PDF Licensing

Details of restrictions on the use of PDF-related trademarks.

Open Source Versions of Qt

Information about the license and features of the Open Source Edition.

Other Licenses Used in Qt

Information about other licenses used for Qt components and third-party code.

Qt Editions

Information about the different editions of Qt.

Qt Quick Licensing Information

Qt Quick and QtDeclarative Licensing Information.


A list of contributors to Qt.

The qtmain Library

Describes the use and license of the qtmain helper library.

Third-Party Licenses Used in Qt

License information for third-party libraries supplied with Qt.


Information about trademarks owned by Nokia and other organisations.