PyKDE4 Documentation

PyKDE4 is a set of Python bindings for the KDE4 kdelibs. It provides:

The documentation set provides important information about using PyKDE4, tutorials on programming with Python and PyKDE4, numerous example programs, and a documentation/example browser (pykdedocs) that integrates all of this information into a easily used framework.

If your are using pykdedocs to read this documentation, please take the time to read the docs for pykdedocs itself, including adding/editing bookmarks, and enabling/disabling samples.

PyKDE4 is built on software developed by

pykdedocs and PyKDE4 are licensed under the GPL and LGPL respectively come with absolutely no warranty. See this page for details.

You can access the full documentation set beginning with the Table of Contents. Module and class information is in the class reference. If you already have PyKDE4 installed and just want to update the documentation and examples, or pykdedocs, see the Installation page for details about installing the docs without rebuilding PyKDE4.