In guiqwt version 2, the signals module used to contain constants defining the custom Qt SIGNAL objects used by guiqwt: the signals definition were gathered here to avoid misspelling signals at connect and emit sites (with old-style signals, any misspelled signal string would have lead to a silent failure of signal emission or connection).

Since version 3, to ensure PyQt5 compatibility, guiqwt is using only new-style signals and slots.

However, all signals are summarized below, in order to facilitate migration from guiqwt v2 to guiqwt v3.

Signals available:

Emitted by plot when an IBasePlotItem-like object was moved from (x0, y0) to (x1, y1)

Arguments: item object, x0, y0, x1, y1


Emitted by plot when a guiqwt.shapes.Marker position changes

Arguments: guiqwt.shapes.Marker object


Emitted by plot when a guiqwt.shapes.Axes position (or angle) changes

Arguments: guiqwt.shapes.Axes object


Emitted by plot when an annotations.AnnotatedShape position changes

Arguments: annotation item


Emitted by plot when a shapes.XRangeSelection range changes

Arguments: range object, lower_bound, upper_bound


Emitted by plot when item list has changed (item removed, added, …)

Arguments: plot


Emitted by plot when selected item has changed

Arguments: plot


Emitted by plot when an item was deleted from the itemlist or using the delete item tool

Arguments: removed item


Emitted by plot when an item is selected

Arguments: plot


Emitted (by plot) when plot’s title or any axis label has changed

Arguments: plot


Emitted (by plot) when any plot axis direction has changed

Arguments: plot


Emitted by “contrast” panel’s histogram when the lut range of some items changed (for now, this signal is for guiqwt.histogram module’s internal use only - the ‘public’ counterpart of this signal is SIG_LUT_CHANGED, see below)


Emitted by plot when LUT has been changed by the user

Arguments: plot


Emitted by plot when image mask has changed

Arguments: MaskedImageItem object


Emitted by cross section plot when cross section curve data has changed

Arguments: plot


Emitted for example by panels when their visibility has changed

Arguments: state (boolean)

Emitted by an interactive tool to notify that the tool has just been “validated”, i.e. <ENTER>, <RETURN> or <SPACE> was pressed

Arguments: filter

Emitted by an interactive tool to notify that it is finished doing its job

Emitted by an open file tool

Emitted by the ImageMaskTool when applying the shape-defined mask