The recommended installation method varies per platform. In general pip-based installs work everywhere but it is recommended to use other methods if possible.

Linux Distributions

Debian (and derivatives)

Install either python-guacamole or python3-guacamole (preferred) using your preferred package manager front-end. An off-line copy of the documentation is available in the python-guacamole-doc package. The same package includes all of the bundled examples.


The version of Guacamole available in Debian might not be the most recent version but it was manually reviewed by Debian maintainers. The Debian archive contains cryptographically strong integrity and security guarantees. This method of installation is more trustworthy (and harder to attack) than the one used by pip.

Fedora (and derivatives)

Currently there is no version of Guacamole packaged and available for Fedora. A copr repository might be created if there is demand. Proper integration into the Fedora archive is on the roadmap but was not attempted at this time.

Other distributions

There are no other packages as of this writing. Please contribute one if you can. See the Contributing for details.

Other platforms

At the command line run:

$ pip install guacamole


This section applies to all versions of Windows and OS X.