Installing GeoPandas

To install the released version, we recommend to use conda (from the conda-forge channel):

conda install -c conda-forge geopandas

Alternatively, you can also install GeoPandas with pip, but then you need to make sure that all dependencies are installed correctly:

pip install geopandas

You may install the latest development version by cloning the GitHub repository and using the setup script:

git clone
cd geopandas
pip install .

It is also possible to install the latest development version directly from the GitHub repository with:

pip install git+git://


Installation via conda should also install all dependencies, but a complete list is as follows:

Further, optional dependencies are:

  • geopy 0.99 (optional; for geocoding)
  • psycopg2 (optional; for PostGIS connection)
  • rtree (optional; spatial index to improve performance)

For plotting, these additional packages may be used:

These can be installed independently via the following set of commands:

conda install -c conda-forge fiona shapely pyproj rtree
conda install pandas