Celery 3.1 now supports Django out of the box, please see the new tutorial

Common utils - djcelery.common

djcelery.common.respect_language(*args, **kwds)

Context manager that changes the current translation language for all code inside the following block.

Can e.g. be used inside tasks like this:

from celery import task
from djcelery.common import respect_language

def my_task(language=None):
    with respect_language(language):

Decorator for tasks with respect to site’s current language. You can use this decorator on your tasks together with default @task decorator (remember that the task decorator must be applied last).

See also the with-statement alternative respect_language().


def my_task()
    # localize something.

The task will then accept a language argument that will be used to set the language in the task, and the task can thus be called like:

from django.utils import translation
from myapp.tasks import my_task

# Pass the current language on to the task

# or set the language explicitly