Notifications() object

In order to get list of notifications use diaspy.notifications.Notifications() object. It support iteration and indexing.

When creating new instance of Notifications only Connection object is needed.



This method will return you last five notifications.


This is slightly more advanced then last(). It allows you to specify how many notifications per page you want to get and which page you want to recieve.


This will insert new notifications to the object.


This will append older notifications to the object.


Notification() model

Single notification (it should be obvious that it requires object of its own) is located in diaspy.models.Notification(). It has several methods you can use.

1. who()

This method will return list of guids of the users who caused you to get this notification.

2. when()

This method will return UTC time when you get the notification.

3. mark()

To mark notification as read or unread. It has one parameter - unread which is boolean.


Also, you can use str() and repr() on the Notification() and you will get nice string.

Manual for diaspy, written by Marek Marecki