class astropy.units.function.logarithmic.DexUnit(physical_unit=None, function_unit=None)[source]

Bases: astropy.units.function.logarithmic.LogUnit

Logarithmic physical units expressed in magnitudes

physical_unitUnit or string

Unit that is encapsulated within the magnitude function unit. If not given, dimensionless.

function_unitUnit or string

By default, this is dex`, but this allows one to use an equivalent unit such as ``0.5 dex.

Methods Summary


Output the unit in the given format as a string.

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Output the unit in the given format as a string.

The physical unit is appended, within parentheses, to the function unit, as in “dB(mW)”, with both units set using the given format

formatastropy.units.format.Base instance or str

The name of a format or a formatter object. If not provided, defaults to the generic format.