astropy.coordinates.get_constellation(coord, short_name=False, constellation_list='iau')[source]

Determines the constellation(s) a given coordinate object contains.

coordcoordinate object

The object to determine the constellation of.


If True, the returned names are the IAU-sanctioned abbreviated names. Otherwise, full names for the constellations are used.


The set of constellations to use. Currently only 'iau' is supported, meaning the 88 “modern” constellations endorsed by the IAU.

constellationstr or string array

If coords contains a scalar coordinate, returns the name of the constellation. If it is an array coordinate object, it returns an array of names.


To determine which constellation a point on the sky is in, this precesses to B1875, and then uses the Delporte boundaries of the 88 modern constellations, as tabulated by Roman 1987.