ASDF - Advanced Scientific Data Format

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asdf is a tool for reading and writing Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) files.

The Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) is a next-generation interchange format for scientific data. This package contains the Python implementation of the ASDF Standard. More information on the ASDF Standard itself can be found here.

The ASDF format has the following features:

  • A hierarchical, human-readable metadata format (implemented using YAML)

  • Numerical arrays are stored as binary data blocks which can be memory mapped. Data blocks can optionally be compressed.

  • The structure of the data can be automatically validated using schemas (implemented using JSON Schema)

  • Native Python data types (numerical types, strings, dicts, lists) are serialized automatically

  • ASDF can be extended to serialize custom data types


This is the Advanced Scientific Data Format - if you are looking for the Adaptable Seismic Data Format, go here:

Getting Started

Extending ASDF

API Documentation

Developer Overview

Currently a work in progress. Intended to give an overview of how the various parts of ASDF interact and which modules do what and how.


See also

  • The Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) standard.

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